getting it done

It’s an interesting time, to be sure. Globally, things are changing faster than anyone could have foreseen. The world is getting smaller and more connected;  we are getting our news updates via twitter, our relationships are growing online and the conventional model of just about everything is being turned upside down.

For me, it’s a time of transition and change as well. Maybe it’s the age I’m at now, maybe it’s the age we live in, maybe it’s my “just get it done” attitude. I don’t know. All I know is there is something I need to do, I’m just not sure what. Or how.

Actually, that’s a lie.

I know what I want, I’m just not sure if I can go get it. Or if I can succeed at it.

As someone who has experienced success in her chosen field, branching out into a new arena is daunting. Going to a place where “Jen Bebb” is just another wannabe or newbie is almost like going backwards, starting over. It’s intimidating as hell, and yet exhilarating also. And let’s not forget that my success came with a partner – I’m part of a team, never having to go it alone.

I got a taste of it in November when I spoke at a conference for women in photography. I spoke alone, for the first time in my professional life. I’ve always had Steve on stage with me – the funny to my serious, the dumb to my dumber, if you will. Before this I never had to worry about forgetting what I was going to say, or filling time if I went too fast. He was there to rescue me if I needed it and to add another perspective to mine.

I have the perfect partner, but I liked standing on my own. And I think I did alright. It was incredible and I want to do more of it.

At the heart of who I am is someone incredibly driven to succeed. Second place has never been good enough for me. Yet it’s not about being the best there is, it’s about being the best I can be.

So I sit, poised on the edge of a new year, with a support system in place, ideas swirling, and the time to get it done. The question is, will I do it?

Will I get it done?

Will you?

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