sudden and complete

That’s what a revolution is – a sudden, complete or marked change in something, according to dictionary[dot]com (one of my favorite sites, btw, alongside thesaurus[dot]com).

There are many self proclaimed revolutionary things. I bet if you google revolutionary products you’ll get everything from vacuums, to something Steve Jobs did. But how many of those revolutionary things actually marked a sudden and complete change? Some did, sure. And others will in the future.

Come on, folks, let’s stop buying the hype and getting all bent out of shape when things don’t work or aren’t different. “REVOLUTIONARY” is a marketing buzzword used, in all likelihood to hide the shortcomings of something rather than to describe its value.

In fact, I would go so far as to say most “revolutionary” things are merely repackaged and redesigned ideas that have come before. At least as far as our corner of the world goes.

So, my I humbly suggest the following: let’s put the marketing rhetoric away. Let’s be responsible consumers and read everything with a grain of salt and a little bit of cynicism. Let’s be aware of the hype, the hyperbole and the desire to sell you something, and let’s focus instead on getting the full value out of what we already have and what we choose to invest in.

I would go so far as to say, let’s use our own strengths to create and innovate. Let’s pursue our dreams to fruition on our terms. Let’s rely on ourselves and our community of like minded people to build something.

It might not be revolutionary in the end, but it will be genuine, and that has to count for something, right?

That’s why Steve and I started the WHAT IF Conference – it’s for creatives (in all genres) to come together, to build, to dream and to support each other. This is a place with intention matters more than hype and where community matters more than hierarchy. This is a place where every person’s idea counts, where every creative is given an equal voice, and where hard work and steady achievement are given their due.

This is a place built for creatives, for artist-prenuers seeking a life that matters. This is a place for writers, painters, photographers, designers, business people, marketers, and more. There is nowhere quite like this place.

Why don’t we start our own revolution? Let’s change things up and make conferencing about community and teaching about facilitating. Let’s get our speakers off the stage and into the crowd, let’s put our students in the front and have them lead. Let’s meet in a place where, collectively, we choose to find growth. And let’s do it all NOW. RIGHT NOW.

What are we waiting for…it’s time for a sudden and complete change. It’s time for the Artists and Creatives to call the shots.

This is our time. This is YOUR time. Let’s go…


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